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R930 Released

Surport Pentax P-ttl & 1/8000
High speed Sync flash trigger
as the first time.

Acon Wireless Triggering System, featuring P-TTL Pentax capability, enable fluid, un-tethered triggering between all components of your photographic system allowing you to get the perfect shot, anytime, anywhere..

Our Company

Through innovative, reliable products and services; talented people; a responsible approach to business; and collaboration with our partners and customers, Acon Tech is to make the photography accessories industry in imaginative new directions.

Acon Tech is an division of Acon international Group principally serving customers in the photography accesories, including flash trigger and compact flash for variety brand.

Our Products

Flash Trigger Flash Trigger
R930 Acon radio systems enable untethered triggering between all components ...

Compact Flash Compact Flash
Capturing the perfect shot is even easier with powerful ...

Acon News

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